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With Summer 2018 upon us and The Blessing of The Lord in the land of the living to us, on us, for us and through us. Let me take this opportunity to be the one that The Blessing of The Lord goes through to you!

From June 21st, 2018 through the end of summer 2018, all PHONE, EMAIL, or TEXT orders of $75 get free shipping when you mention the code: SUMMER BLESSING.

Please remember: there is NO discount available to orders placed on our website. Please do NOT place your order online and then ask for the discount after the fact, we do not have a system set up to provide this to you and will not be able to comply. This code only works via phone, email, and text message.

For the last 3 years The Lord has been sending me to be a Physician to the Native Americans, refugees from Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, as well as homeless, ex prisoners in half way houses, drug addicts.

It has been quite a learning experience I can tell you that.

Now, I am working on a You Tube Channel to bring you all the info you look to me concerning women's health and beyond.

Keep checking back the home page and I will announce where and when you can watch on your own time.


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