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10% OFF for Customer Appreciation!

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that today is MY birthday?? I am 72 years young and still at it! But we're not here to talk about me, this is about YOU! For my birthday, I am giving you all a whole month of 10% off ANY product, ANY order size.

From today 7/1/19 through 8/1/19 you can call in with the code APPRECIATION to cash in on this deal. You can also use it if you order via email. However, this code is not applicable for online orders -- phone or email only.

Mention code APPRECIATION when you call (you don't have to speak to a person, just mention it in your message and we'll apply it!), and you'll automatically get 10% off on your whole order. This code cannot be applied to orders previous days, or any future days. No exceptions.

Please remember, we cannot apply these savings to an online order at all--so please do not place an order that way if you'd like to use this deal.

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1) call: 1-800-301-1982
2) text to: 949-887-9147
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