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Progesterone And Men

Will progesterone, which helps raise a woman’s sex drive, also help men who suffer with lowered libido? Perhaps. Researcher John R. Lee M.D. has observed that “in animal studies large doses of progesterone inhibited sexual behavior, but a physiologic dose (equivalent to what the body would produce) stimulated male copulatory behavior.”

A study done some years ago addressed the issue of progesterone supplementation in men. The results showed that when progesterone is given to young men, their testosterone levels fell. We know that progesterone is the precursor of testosterone in men. It is synthesized in their testes to produce testosterone. Dr. John Lee, who has done such extensive study and teaching, suggests that because many testosterone receptors accept progesterone, it is very probable that a biofeedback signal in the brain automatically reduces testosterone production when it senses a higher level of progesterone in the body.

However, other research seems to suggest that in men over 55, progesterone supplementation can increase libido. From my own experience, a number of my male patients who are over 55 have reported that the use of ¼ teaspoon of natural progesterone rubbed on the perineum has helped boost sex drive and assisted in erections.

Progesterone can play a very important role in men with prostate cancer who have either had surgery or have been given medication that prevents them from making as little testosterone as possible. This can bring on osteoporosis very quickly because testosterone is similar to progesterone in stimulating new bone growth and increasing bone density.

Dr. Lee suggests that progesterone may be a safe supplement for these men to prevent osteoporosis. I had Dr. Lee as a guest on my television show “Doctor to Doctor” to do a series on natural hormones. During one of the shows he told our audience that men over 55 could use natural progesterone to keep their testosterone from splitting into metabolites. These metabolites can cause the prostate to enlarge causing benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). He concluded that natural progesterone might be just as powerful as saw palmetto for keeping the prostate healthy.

Progesterone cream has also been found to provide relief from pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis in older men who rubbed in on their joints. I would suggest a dose of ¼-1/2 teaspoon twice daily.

So, you can see that natural progesterone does have some very positive benefits for men. I am sure further research will identify even more potential benefits from the use of this remarkable hormone.

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