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Prostate Cancer Research

Conventional medicine believes that excess testosterone is the cause of prostate cancer. However, the evidence is that estradiol (one of the estrogens) causes prostate cancer.

According to Dr. John R. Lee, there is reason to believe that it is falling progesterone levels in aging men that leads to a fall in testosterone levels. As the testosterone levels fall, the effect of estradiol increases. Estradiol promotes the onco (cancer) gene, Bcl-2, while progesterone promotes the protective gene known as p53 which slows cell apoptosis. Evidence exists to show that prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer are correlated with the condition of estradiol dominance.

Study: Li S, Hu L, Zheng X, Wang J, Zhang G, Tian B, Yang Z, Wang H.

Serum sex hormone profiles in patients with benign hypertrophy and carcinoma of the prostate. Hubei Yike Daxue Xuebao 1998; 19(#): 241-242, 247. (China)

Conventional medicine also believes that total androgen blockade is the best treatment for advanced prostate cancer. A total of 27 trials involving 8000 prostate cancer patients showed that total androgen blockade improved the 5-year survival rate by only 2% and the 10-year survival rate by only 0.7%. In addition, total androgen blockade increases the number and severity of side effects such as depression, dementia, and diarrhea which further affect the quality of life of a cancer patient.

Study: Prostate Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group. Maximum androgen blockade in advanced prostate cancer: an overview of the randomized trials. Lancet 2000; 355: 1491-1498

Note from Dr. Pensanti

I have had John R. Lee, M.D. who is a Harvard graduate on my television show Doctor to Doctor and we have discussed prostate cancer. Dr. Lee and I believe that it is excessive exposure to estrogen that is the primary cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. We believe that xenoestrogens in the environment are among the culprits. While estrogen dominance raises the risk of prostate cancer, natural progesterone helps prevent it. Dr. Lee told me that natural progesterone will balance this estrogen dominance. Dozens of anecdotal reports show that enlarged prostates have been reduced and prostate cancers have been reversed in men who have used small doses of progesterone cream (1/4 tsp. twice daily). Progesterone may play a very important role in protecting the prostate gland. More and more research is being done by numbers of clinicians and researchers to give definitive proof to this important theory.

In the meantime, if you have a loved one who is suffering with prostate problems, I suggest he use a good quality progesterone cream. This may be used in addition to saw palmetto to shrink and protect the prostate.


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