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Patients and Customers Respond!!!

Thanks for sharing this revelation! It truly bears witness inside me. You have exceeding financial blessings. You mentioned your experience with the Lord and yes he expects us to speak the word with the strategies of the Holy Spirit through the eyes of faith and you did it with great insight. I commend you for obeying the Holy Spirit and the leadership you exemplify in the body of Christ. God set that stage because many who support you were suffering and needed fresh insight of their situation. Your experience was staged and is used as a platform to help others (all things working together for good). We are a mighty army of kingdom ambassadors and “the violent must take it by force”. Love you Dr Helen, I have been inspired by you since 1995 the same year I had ovarian cancer surgery and dreamt a person I believe was Gods messenger instructing me to use natural hormones in my dream. That same week I turned on TBN and there you were explicitly exposing the synthetics hormones versus the natural. I used your hormones ever since, you have more friends praying for you than you know. Thank you and God bless you.

Thanks, Dr. Helen. Your wonderful advice and bio-identical hormones have changed my life!! I've referred everyone I know to your website.

Thank you for your quick response, also.


Dear Dr. Helen:

Just a short note. I am sorry that I have been so long in writing to you. I want to thank you so very much for sending me whatever it was called for taking douches. Also telling me about the baking soda & water for my kidneys. I'm not having that trouble anymore. Thank the Lord for the help that you gave to me.

May God Richly Bless you in everything that you do.

Today I visited my gynecologist for a yearly exam. I had a hysterectomy and told her that I was using your creme to help with hot flashes. I asked her did she know of any other non-cream products that I could use that might be more convenient. She looked at Dr Helen’s natural hormone cream (as I had it with me) and said something very similar to "this creme has all the right things in it; no need for you to switch to a pill and get other side effects. If it is helping stay with it."

My doctor asked how I had learned of Dr. Pensanti and I told my doctor that I had watched her years ago on christian television and that I had been following her ever since. I explained that she is a licensed medical doctor in California and I also mentioned that Dr Pensanti had been mentored by Dr. John Lee. My doctor had heard of Dr. Lee.

It’s been seven years since my hysterectomy and I have never mentioned the hormone creme to my doctor before. This is the first time that I remember her saying to continue its use. She used to recommend other hormone treatments for me.

Maybe the rest of the medical profession is catching up with the hormone research that Dr. Pensanti has referenced for so many years. Today's visit to the gynecologist gave me a bit of hope.

Thanks Dr. Helen and staff for the work you do.
August 2nd, 2010

I received your voice mail message regarding the free order for being your monthly winner. I can't thank you enough...not just for the credit but for the relief your product has provided. I have suffered from horrible hot flashes for the last fifteen years exacerbated the sweltering summers in Florida. Until using your product, I had not been able to get much relief at all. In fact, to my relatives and friends, I've become somewhat of a poster child for the worst hot flashes most of them have ever seen. I'm not saying I never have a hot flash now, but at least they are somewhat tolerable when I use your cream. I bought the extra jar for a friend who is having similar issues as a Christmas gift, so hopefully you'll pick up a new customer. Thanks again for the freebie.
Indian Rock Beach, Fl

Hello, Dr. Helen. I received this order, thank you. Have started the program and notice the  PREGNENOLONE works amazingly fast! I am starting to feel better, sexier and more stable; it’s subtle, but I do feel a difference.  Will keep monitoring myself and see how I react to the combined program with the Progonol.

Dr. Pensanti, I have watched your health segment for many years when you were on Paul and Jan Crouch's Praise and Worship Program. In the early 90's I had not yet gone through menopause, but was in what is called peri-menopause. Because of the things you said about hormone usage and basically to "beware" I went through menopause with flying colors. I did not use synthetic hormones (and had a very mild change, too!) and I was blessed in that I had ONE hot flash at the onset and did not experience any subsequent bouts. Needless to say, I really appreciate all you have done and all you continue to do.

You have been very helpful and very available...that is something very rare.  My hat is off to you and your practice!

Dear Dr Helen.
Your products are such a blessing to my health !!!! All I have tried so far works wonderfully. Enjoy your day.
M. Y.

Dr. Helen, Thanks so much for the quick and personal response. How excellent! I have watched you on TBN for many years, you were beautiful inside and out before the "slimming down" you are still beautiful inside and out, after. Much love and thanks.

Dear Dr. Pensanti,
I just want to thank you for giving me information on synthetic hormones etc. via TV and print. A doctor that speaks from the heart is one that helps people.
Thank you, D.M.

Hello Dr Helen,
I gave a lady your e-mail address, for she is having a lot of problems with hot flashes, she has never taken anything for menopause, plus she had a hysterectomy, anyway, I saw her tonight and she is so excited, for I told her how wonderful you are to help women and I also told her that anything she wanted to ask you , that you were always so kind to answer back.

I told her that I've told Dr Helen  my whole life story. and she was so impressed that you would care enought about people. She also said she has already been telling all of her friends and co-workers.

So again , I thank you for being there for me, I am feeling alot better since I last e-mailed you ...God bless you !!!
B.G. New York

Dearest Dr. Helen,
Just a note of love to you today, to tell you how very dear you are to all of us in the body of Christ… I know I speak for so many many thousands, when I say how wonderfully you have helped us all to feel better consistantly.

Through all the years I've followed you on TBN etc., you do everything with a most contagious joy that is just the Spirit of Christ and it has always come across and ministered so wonderfully to me. I'm a terribly joyful person myself! So I appreciate you so very much and just wanted to tell you so today.

Thank you for everything, for your hard work and hormone studies...You are dearly loved by all of us. We'll have tea in Heaven!

Lovingly, in Christ our dear and present Help,
J. O. - Temple City, Ca.

Thank you so much for such a quick response! I am taking your recommendations and ordering today!
God bless you, J. J.

I first heard you on TBN. Then, here recently, on XM 170 on satellite radio. I have always appreciated your constant work in the medical field, based upon God’s ultimate truth! I saw a picture of you after surgery, and I did not think you were the same person. Praise God! You have always been a beautiful lady. Thanks for your products. I believe God will constantly keep using you to help us live as God intended. I trust your integrity completely. Thanks again! I will be ordering from your product catalog. Your sister in Jesus, Connie, OK. Thank you! Love that crème!
L. B.

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