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Helen Pensanti, M.D.
Bioidentical Phyto-Progesterone Cream Testimonials

I've been using your Bio-Identical with Red Clover for some time successfully. I have to tell you that I apologize for not letting you know this before now. Because I have had oily skin the majority of my life, I have been hesitant to use very many things on my face that I thought might be oily. For some time, I resisted applying your product to my face. I finally began applying the product in the mornings before going to work. At the time I began applying the product, I had noticed that all of a sudden I began to look old and tired. Well I can tell you without hesitation that you would not believe how much better I look since applying this product as I have been. The dark circles and wrinkles that had begun to appear under my eyes are history, and I cannot tell you how many are amazed when they find out my age! I have been believing The Lord to renew my youth as the eagle's is renewed for some time, so I do know that some of my youthful appearance has to do with His Holy Word, but I believe your product aids God's Word in making it come alive in me and not just live on the page.

Thank you.

Hi. I was having trouble getting pregnant. Dr Helen suggested the Bio-Identical Diosgenin. I am a 'user' of the bio-identical cream (blue label) and I became pregnant in June 2008 ….I had my baby on 2.14.09

Something else that I think is worth passing along to you. When I first started the natural progesterone years ago, my GYN in Atlanta, who is a very good Dr, became concerned. She feared that the cream would thicken the lining of my uterus. She did an ultra-sound to check. I was fine. She admitted that the natural progesterone cream must be very helpful. I have never had any spotting since I started using the cream.
I thought I would pass this info along.
Merry Christmas, S.D. Atlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Helen,
I just ordered your Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone ( Diosgenin) creams---10 plus 2 free. I just want to thank you for your special. I just can't live without this product. I've been using your creams since I was 51 after being on Premarin for a year and took myself off that nasty stuff. My mother also continues to use your cream for her bones---we could not live without it. You are such a blessing to us both and we do listen to you on "Healthy Wealthy and Wise" Radio Show on XM Satellite Radio!!!! With Frank Jordan every week…

Thank you so much! I was praying about what to do about my menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, mood swings, depressed moods. I was out of my pharmacuetical hormones ,and really not happy with it, knowing it wasn't bioidentical. I even asked my GYN doctor for his recommendation, he wasn't able give me one. Several weeks ago I cried out to The Lord to please help me, as I knew He would supply the answer. I had an urge to check my e-mail right then,and there you were!

Praise God I read through your web site info, took that small questionaire. I remembered that I had ordered a product from you 1 or 2 years ago. I looked in my cupboard there it was! After two days of use I noticed a marked difference! After 13 days of use I am feeling fabulous, back to my old self, well I'm 56 and I feel 30!
Thank you Dr Helen! R.L.

I have been using your PMS kit for a little over a year and have been able to completely get off of an anti-depressant that I had to take for 7 years after suffering postpartum depression when I had my son.  I had gained 30 pounds while taking the anti depressant and it had gotten to a point where it had leveled off and I knew it wasn't helping me anymore.  After much prayer and consideration, I started using your products and initially was able to cut my anti depressant in half.  I took advice from my doctor on how to get off the rest of it and have been off for almost a year.  I have been
doing great and I know it is because of the PMS Kit.

One month prior to my 49th birthday I entered menopause. After entering menopause my prior symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and loss of interest in everything worsened. Finally after many months of misery I decided to order the BIO-IDENTICAL PHYTO-PROGESTERONE cream, which I should have ordered much sooner - in fact years ago!

After using the cream for only 4 days and nights I'm already able to sleep through the entire night! My level of anxiety has dropped significantly and I already have a better outlook on my life again. The mental fog is lifting! Thank you again for your wonderful product, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly for your ministry to woman and their health! TM.

Dear Dr. Helen: I just wanted you to know that I have been on the BioIdentical Diosgenin progesterone creme and boy can I tell a difference!! It is the 2 oz. jar with the purple coloring. Anyway, I wanted you to know that I feel so like myself again since I have been on this creme for 1 month. I just ordered 2 more jars of it. I feel less anxious, less depressed,and more even in my emotional state of mind. I feel more balanced and I thank you for making this creme!!

Thank you again Dr. Helen for all that you do for women!! Sincerely - L.T.

Dr Helen, I have been using just 1/8 tsp every 12 hours of your Bio-Identical, I am doing well, I thought I would let you know. I was prayed for at church, by my cousin who is a minister. I know the creme and divine intervention is working… Thank you for your work in helping women find the heavenly way to better health...and for being led of the spirit to take the path others, sometimes think, is nonsense. "Blessing to you and your staff".
In Christ - L.S. Reno, Nevada

I love you, Dr. Helen. You changed my life and that of my sister and my mother. I tell everybody the wonders of the Bioidentical Progesterone crème. It’s great that even men can use it too! M. D.

I just wanted you to know that I have been using your BioIdentical progesterone creme with red clover for about 8 years now. I wish I had known about it earlier. I used to have very severe PMS and the mood swings got even worse during perimenopause when I was taking synthetic progesterone which was so toxic for me. Now that I am almost totally in menopause - I am a new woman thanks to your formula. No moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats, absolutely NOTHING but even tempered happiness!
My husband sends his love and gratitude and so do I! May God bless you with many more years of getting the word out to women that they don't need to suffer hormonally or with the threat of cancer from synthetics.
In His Love, KS

Hi Dr.Helen,
Just wanted to let you know of the WONDERFUL progress that I'm making with getting off of Premarin. I'm now 1st week into the 3rd month of your weaning instructions and you know what? No adverse symptoms - no hot flashes PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! I feel great and am continuing on the Ostaderm, Strontium 1000mgs and the CA Mg drink at night.
Thank you sooooo much! and I will keep you informed after I get totally off the Premarin.
God Bless you & yours and have a Blessed Christmas Season and Happy New Year!
J.S. Tucson, AZ

Hi Dr. Pensanti: I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you for sending me the new jar of Progesterone Cream, I increased the dose as you recommended I used ½ teaspoon every 12 hours and started to feel much better. The hot flashes and night time sweats stopped. My Endocrinologist tested me for peri-menopause and the test came back normal. My blood tests showed that I was hyperthyroid prior to my using the increased amount of progesterone. All of those thyroid symptoms have subsided as well. I have been diagnosed with PCOS which almost always comes with Estrogen Dominance. I had been under an enormous amount of stress the last few months and I believe this led to highly elevated Estrogen levels and the thyroid problems. But all seems to be much better. I looked at the hormone comparison chart on your website and I believe that the Progonol will give me the most bang for my buck since I need higher doses of the progesterone cream.
Thank you again,

I have had chronic urinary burning. My OBGYN could not find anything wrong. He said maybe it was a hormone thing. I had a hysterectomy 17 years ago. I was put on Premarin for ten years, then went off of the ‘horse urine’ finally. After six or seven years of burning, the doctor put me back on Premarin and of course this did not work, so again, I weaned myself off the Premarin. This was just recently. For two months now, I have been using the Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover, and the Borage Oil. One thing which works wonders for me is your advice of boiling two bunches of parsley and drinking the liquid every day. It is a miracle!!! May our Lord and Savior bless you, Dr. Helen. I love you! G., FL

Dear Dr. Pensanti, Thank you for sharing all t his wonderful information on my local TV program, TBN, about these natural hormone products. I have just started using your products and have only used it about one and a half months. I feel so much better! I was having night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness, anxiety, and fuzzy thinking. Now I am sleeping better after using OstaDerm. I am 59 years old and thought I was not going to feel good again, but thanks to you, I am feeling better! Now that I feel better, I want my husband and I to enjoy each other more sexually, so that is why I am ordering other products! God bless you and keep you! E

Thank you so much! I have been using the hormone crème for about six months, and it has helped me so much! God bless you and keep his hand on you and your family and loved ones.
Love, your sister in the Lord, D.

Thank you, Dr. Pensanti, you are a blessing! You see, I was going and going and I am 51 years old, but my period did not stop until this year. I still don’t get hot or any thing, but I did not want to have sex any more. My husband is younger than I am, so it would get to me. Now that I use your hormone crèmes, well, it’s a blessing!!! I don’t get headaches any more either. Thank you with all my heart. May the Lord bless you always. P.S. I tell everyone about this. Like the kids say, “It’s the bomb!”
E. E., TX

Dear Dr Helen;
Your products have really helped me. I’ve been on the Bioidentical hormone cream for years & it has really been a major help. I can be depressed & put some of that on, and in 15-20 minutes, all is right with the world! The Estriol Vaginal Suppositories have really relieved the dryness. It’s so much better than the regular lubricants. I needed some hormones, but had a hard time taking the standard HRT. I took one jar full (12) one every night, and then backed off to one twice a week. It’s doing great, much better than before. Thanks so much for your great products!

M. D.

Dr. Pensanti,
Last February at the recommendation of two friends I began taking the Bio-Identical Phyto Progesterone because I was having “warm”-flashes. Not only did the “warm”-flashes subside, but much to my amazement, my frequent UTI’s ceased, Cystic Fibroids in my breasts all but disappeared and I have more moisture in my skin. I have since read those those can be caused by hormones – something my doctors never even mentioned as a possibility.

Thank you!
S. S.

When I first ordered the Bioidentical Phyto-Progesterone (which I think was called something else back then), I was skeptical. I really rather doubted that some hormone cream product would help curb the menopause symptoms I had. What symptoms did I have? Well, I wasn't truly certain they were menopause symptoms but apparently they were. The main one is crabbiness, and then fatigue, and some mild hot flashes, and just general dissatisfaction with the way everybody does everything!

I had tried many other over the counter pills and potions, but then did some research on line and came up with Dr. Helen's cream.

Even with my skepticism, I'm so glad I tried it because it has truly been a life-saver for nearly three years now. No matter what I say about the product, I think my husband's testimony is the best! I recently re-married after being widowed three years ago. My new husband makes SURE I never run low on this product! If I get crabby and snappy for a couple of days, he'll quietly ask if I've been forgetting to use my cream in the mornings. Does that mean he can tell a difference if I've forgotten? Oh yeah!!!! As we all know, men don't notice a lot of things, so for him to notice this means it's truly significant!!

And if you're looking for a company with outstanding customer service as well as great products, you have found it with Dr. Helen.

Thanks for your wonderful products!

Dallas, TX

For several years I had been off my man made hormone patch! Dr. Helen was on TBN and I was a faithful listener of her program! First let me tell you, I had depression! Sleepless nights, with sweats!! I was a Doberman pincher- dog- wearing-lipstick! I was so awful, ugly acting too everyone!!!! Most of all I cried and I cried...then I decided to try her Bioidentical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen !!! I'm a 60 yr old great grandmother of one. My desire to live an abundant life just as God had promised it, was very weak, as my desire to live and love was stumped by not having the hormones my body needed so badly!!! I was 27 yrs old when I had my hysterectomy. Because I knew our hormones are our life givers, I read a lot about my body being God's temple. After using Dr. Helen’s natural hormone crème, I'm back too being my type ‘A‘ personality, feeling like I'm 40 years old (some say I even look 40)!!! They ask me my secret!! I tell them about Dr. Helen's natural hormone creme, and I say thank you, Dr. Helen for giving me the magical creme...with just a little dab will do you!!! Such a blessing it is natural!!! May this help someone who is struggling too. It’s really great--just like the natural women that God made us to be. This is my true story.

God bless you Dr. Helen, and thank you for you guidance and godly wisdom.
J. R. A.

Dear Dr. Helen Pensanti,
I never thought that before my 37th birthday I would have had a total hysterectomy and be forced to depend on hormone replacement therapy. Thank God that I found you and your Bio-identical hormones! The synthetic hormones I had used for only 3 years were causing me to gain weight and to have so much cellulite over my legs and arms that I didn't want to wear shorts or sleeveless blouses. After using the Bio-identical hormone therapy for only 6 months I began to notice the cellulite going away, my weight began to drop, and my girlish figure and healthy complexion began to return! Not to mention that I actually began to laugh and be in a good mood again! These natural hormone cremes are like a "fountain of youth" for me. Now, anytime I am not feeling my best or I'm just stressed out, I add in another dose or two of the hormone cream for several days and I feel great in no time!

Thank you so much Dr. Helen for caring enough to connect with even patients you've never met in person. Your response to my emails has been so comforting. Every time I think of you and what you've done to help me, it brings a smile to my face. And when I hear your sweet voice on the answering machine, I think how wonderful it will be to meet you some day and thank you in person for the blessing you've been to my family by helping me be at my best.

You are a household name around here! When the girls and I are less than good tempered, my husband and teenage sons always say that we need to put in an emergency call to Dr. Helen for help!

Blessings to you,

J. J.

Dr. Helen,

A month ago I wrote asking for your advice. I was experiencing irregular periods, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, horrible mood swings and heart palpitations and I asked what you thought I should do.

You recommended that I use the Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover and some pregnenolone 5% sublingual; drops every 12 hours and Vitamin B-6 100 mgs 3 times a day.

I ordered the Menopause Kit and the pregnenolone drops and began using the drops and the cream and taking the Rodex Forte and Omega 3 6 9 as soon as they arrived in the mail. The results have been fantastic. The hot flashes are only occasional now. I fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. The mood swings have evened out and I feel better than I have in a long time. I also bought Dr. John Lee's book on menopause which I think should be required reading for all women. Although, I think women should read it in their twenties or thirties so they can prevent health problems and heartache down the road. I sure wish I had.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to answer my E-mails,and for the good advice you gave me. Also, thank you for making these products available to women so that we can get relief without endangering our health with synthetic pharmaceuticals. The products you recommended have definitely improved the quality of my life. My family is also grateful because for a while I was pretty hard to live with! I was miserable and so was everyone around me.

Hugs, kisses and a huge thank you!
God Bless

"I want to thank you for the phyto-estrogen cream which turned out to be the only thing that assuaged the terrible migraines I was having a few months ago. I suffered for 8 days of such intense pain I couldn't even sleep without an ice pack. I had to wake up several times a night just to replace the ice pack after it warmed. When I finally started using your Phyto-Estrogen Cream they disappeared completely. It took and hour or so before the headache was gone entirely but it began to abate almost immediately. When I stopped using the cream the headache came back after only a day or two. I don't forget to use it now."

King of Prussia, PA

I am so pleased with the results after using your bioidentical phyto-progesterone with red clover as phyto-estrogen cream. I no longer suffer from hot flashes, depression and low energy. I've even started to lose some weight associated with menopause. I can't thank you enough!
V.F. - Bend, OR

Dr. Helen I tried to contact you last march about an exciting development with your Bioidentical progesterone cream. I have been ordering it from you for years. I was severely burned last march. I ran into the house and washed off and applied your cream, instantly the pain was gone and I had mild blistering. I had to go to the hospital and they couldn't believe the results of my burns from using the cream.You and your cream are the answer to my prayers I have no scaring what so ever from third degree burns. I know that this is not what it is intended for but it helped me in a crisis. I knew that it would work because I had spilled chicken broth on the center of my hand by accident from a pot pie. I instantly grabbed the cream and my pain was gone and no blistering occurred. If you do anything with this email PLEASE start research as to the benefits this would do for burn victims .I am allergic to sulphur so I only used your cream and neosporin on my burns. A friend had the same thing happen to her she went in the hospital and has severe scaring from their treatment. Thank You so much You and your products are a kiss and a hug from GOD
D. Jones, Tallahassee, FL

For a good while my mother-in-law has been advising me about Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone and I just never had really taken her seriously until last Tuesday when I was feeling really upset about some fertility problems I am having and she started praying for me for that and she also took out her Bio-Identical Phyto Progesterone cream and put it on me and when she was doing that I was thinking, "Does she have to pull out that cream for everything?" Well, I knew it wasn't going to help me for what my problems are because she told me that but she said everyone can use it so I just thought "whatever" but two days later my period started and it was great. I usually cramp very, very bad to where I don't even go to work on that day or two. I just stay in bed all day but I know that the cream is the one that helped. I'm actually sure it couldn't of been anything else so I am going to buy my own cream and I am going to buy my mom one and I have been telling everyone about it. I am really glad my mother-in-law pushed me into it and even if it is not going to help with my fertility problems I want to say thanks because it is helping a lot with my menstrual problems.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
G. G., Pasadena, TX

"I've been using Bio-Identical Phototypesetter for 4 months. The store I regularly got it from was all out along with many other stores. I finally found it at a store across town and had my husband pick some up for me. When I got home I found 8 boxes and I asked him, why? He said that I might not be able to get it because that store was closing. He said he had seen a big difference in me, as in energy, face glowing, looking more rested and of course our intimacy has taken a big step forward, and yes, I have been feeling a lot better."
D.R., Houston, TX.

"I love your Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone cream! I have been using progesterone creams for awhile now, but was disappointed in them. The last one was xxxxxxxxxx. I had been using it for almost a year. But for the last couple of months my symptoms had been coming back. I couldn't figure out why. But I had always noticed when using xxxxxxxxx, the cream wouldn't absorb very well. I'd put it on in the morning and later that night I could still feel it on me. I decided to use Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone, for one it was cheaper. I put it on and within seconds it absorbs and I'm starting to feel better, thank you." S.B., Chandler, AZ.

"Every time I hear the news on the TV lately about the "Great Discovery" about synthetic hormones being harmful, I want to say "you should have listened to Dr. Pensanti for the last 12 years". I have been telling every woman I know about the natural hormones. The hormones have helped me so very much. I am so thankful for your willingness to help us woman."
S.D., Charlotte, NC.

"Hallelujah . . . I've been on progesterone cream for two months now and Helen, I'm witnessing for you! I heard you predict the coming crisis and yes, I smiled when I heard the whining on CNN. You GO GIRL! "
J.W., New York City, NY

"I am a pharmacist and have started selling your 2 creams at the pharmacy. I cannot keep up with all the orders I have been getting!"
S.R., Boston, MA

"I am one of those people who weaned off of synthetics, and I bought your product. Vaginal dryness, uncomfortable lumpy breasts and facial hair is no longer a problem. I used to have fairly thick hair, well, no more. Guess I'll have to live with that."
H.B., Bellesonte, PA

"I am very happy to say I have been your walking advertisement here in Memphis. I've recommended your hormone cream to several of my friends and co workers (most of which have watched me go through this awful experience and now I am back to normal). I've had several people tell me how thankful they are that I'm so open about this because most of the woman they know are very hush hush with the experience like is something to be ashamed of. They feel that they wont have to go through all that because now they are aware of other options that they didn't know was out there thanks to my not accepting HRT as the only option. Thank you for your persistence and for caring about women's health, I know that God is going to continue to bless you. You are God sent!!!!!"
R.B., San Antonio, TX.

"I have been using your Bio-Identical Phototypesetter with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen for 6 weeks and all my menopause symptoms have disappeared. I also was able to COMPLETELY quit my synthetic estrogen pills after 2 weeks from using the cream. I have told others about the product and they are going to try it also!"
C.P., Knoxville, TN

"Just say that I can't get enough of Dr. Helen! She has saved my life... 2 years ago I saw her on TV and gave up my hormones and I am now taking Natural hormones, and now I feel great"
C.B.,Tempe, AZ

"I have recently started using your Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen and wanted to tell you how well it is working. I have had a complete hysterectomy and was on two Vivell Dots. Even though I was using the patches I would suffer from periodic hot flashes, memory loss, and had an "alternate personality that seemed to manifest at will". I was due to change the patches the next day but decided to but your product to the test. In the past if I missed changing my patches I would wake up the next morning with fangs! Much to my surprise I slept the entire night and woke up the next morning feeling fine. The things that would usually make me angry rolled off of me like water off a ducks back. Do you folks lay hands and pray over the jars of cream?" V.J., Ft. Worth, TX

"Your Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen is wonderful and has helped me tremendously. I refer it to everyone I know and am currently purchasing it at Albertson's..A million thanks for hearing from God, obeying, researching and helping women everywhere.

"I want to Thank You for the information on the Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen. I went to my local Albertson's and they said they didn't carry it. When they saw I had the Item #s that I had printed off your web site they said they would use the numbers and try to order it. Well I went back 5 days later and they had it.! I am actually beginning to feel like a normal person again. R.N.

"I want you to let you know how Progonol has really helped my breasts, it no longer feels as if I have rocks inside. Also, your Pregnenolone helped the arthritis in my hands (10mg daily)"
D. A.

"I want to thank you for the hormone creams and vaginal gel. Both have been a blessing, I have shared the information with many of my friends and they are doing well with it as well. "
N. B.

"I have to truly thank you for the Progesterone. I've suffered for a long time and when I saw your program on T.V., I knew my prayers were being answered. During this month gone past I've been a new person, friends and family have seen it and asked me, "What's your secret?" And I tell them that I found my miracle. Thank you Dr. Pensanti for this month's products."
P. C. - South Africa

"I have used Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen for 3 months. Most of my symptoms have disappeared, especially my hot flashes!"
S.J. - Dallas, Tx

"I used to have such bad PMS, but now with Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone and the PMS Vitamins, I don’t even know I’m getting my period. My husband really thanks you, too!"
R.R. - Tacoma, WA.

"I was miserable with night sweats and hot flashes. I couldn’t sleep. After using Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen for just 6 weeks I feel like my old self again. I don’t want to be without it!"
M.M. - Atlanta, GA.

"I admit, I was skeptical at the beginning. However, after seeing you talk about natural hormones on t-v, I decided to try to get off my synthetics (Premarin & Provera) which were making me feel lousy. It worked! I am weaned onto the natural Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen. I thank God and I thank you!"
Hemet, CA

"Thank you for Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone. This has been an “answer to prayer” for both me and my husband. Before I started using it, I had every classic menopause symptom in the book and absolutely NO interest in sex. Now I am back to feeling normal. It works great ! Needless to say, my husband is a ‘very happy camper!"
L.W. - Chicago, Il.

"Dear Doctor Pensanti, I have suffered from fibrocystic breasts for many years. I saw you on t-v talking about natural progesterone cream and ordered the Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone. After 3 months I noticed significant improvement. It keeps getting better every month. God Bless You!"
B.B. - Albany, N.Y.

"I admit, I was skeptical at the beginning. However, after seeing you talk about natural hormones on t-v, I decided to try to get off my synthetics (Premarin & Provera) which were making me feel lousy. It worked! I am weaned onto the natural Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone with Red Clover as Phyto-Estrogen. I thank God and I thank you!"
L.W. - Chicago, Il.

I suffered for 25 years with the worst PMS imaginable. I was suicidal at times I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. A friend gave me Bio-Identical Phyto-Progesterone & PMS Vitamins to try. I cannot believe that this is what I have been missing. I am a new woman. Thank you, Dr. Pensanti for your dedication to helping women with PMS!!"
G.N. - Greenboro, N.C.

"I have tried taking handfuls of Vitamins to counteract my PMS, but it always seemed like a hit or miss situation. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. What a blessing to find it all in one formula and to know a Doctor put it together. After I heard you tell your PMS story on TV (I laughed about the spider episode!), I ordered your PMS formula. It is making my life so much more comfortable at those times of the month. Also, it gives me a lot of energy. Keep up the good work!"
K.S. - Dallas - TX

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