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Helen Pensanti, M.D.

I've been taking the Strontium and between my last bone density test two years ago and the one I just took, the bone density in my spine increased 8%! That is the biggest jump I've ever seen.

P.D. from AZ

Good evening Dr. Pensanti,

In September of last year, I wrote to you asking you about what I needed to do in regards to Osteoporosis. I had been to my Endocrinologist and had a full body scan. This scan showed that pretty much my whole lower back; hips; and even my neck and arms were either in the Osteoporosis or Osteopenia stage. At that time, I ordered the Strontium and your BioIdentical Hormone cream with Red Clover. I had just started taking D3 and Magnesium.

I went to my Endo yesterday for a follow up scan and the two places that were very Osteoporotic were now in a Osteopenia stage (very low) and the Osteopenia bone is now NORMAL! I had to write to you and tell you thank you! I thank you for listening to God's voice and following your passion in doing this for women and men. I thank you for service your Lord by using His products that He has placed on this Earth to help heal us. I obviously plan on continuing with the Strontium as I know that my next year...will be absolutely normal all the way around.

I know that God lead me to your site. I also appreciate you getting back to me so quickly back in September. That small email; prayers and lots of Faith has definitely turned all of this around.
God bless you and yours and have a wondrous day and week.


Dr. Pensanti,

I am excited! I had a Dexa Scan last week and I received my results yesterday. My Dexa Scan showed a normal spine and a significant 4.4% increase in BMD compared to the one I had two years ago in 2008. Also I had a 3.6% increase in BMD at total hip compared to 2008!

My Dexa Scan showed Osteopenia in my spine two years ago and the one I had last week shows normal! In comparing the two, the same doctor read my Dexa Scan in 2008 and the one last week. My DXA Results Summary in 2008 reflected a total T-Score on my Lumbar Spine as -1.3 and last week the total T-Score on my Lumbar Spine is -0.9. My DXA Results Summary for my Left Him in 2008 reflects a DXA Results Summary as -3.2 and last week the T-Score is -3.1. Even thought I am still reflected at Osteoporosis for my hip I am excited about the improvement.

I have used your protocol of Stontium (1 pill per day), Calcium (Avoria Cal + D) (1 packet per day) and Vitamin D 5000IU Creme (1 pump daily). Additionally, daily I use OstaDerm (1/4 tsp) and the Bio-Identical Women's Testosterone creme (2 pumps). I try and walk daily (minimum 3 times weekly, depending on weather).

I wanted to share this news with you and say a huge "THANK YOU". I never wanted to take the prescription drugs for osteoporosis due to the side effects (even though doctors wanted me too). I look forward to better results on my hip in two years!


Dear Dr Helen,

After listening to your CD on bone health I started on Strontium, D3, and increased my calcium in November '08. My bone density readings were -2.3, -2,0, and -2.4 at that time. My Dr wanted to put me on Actonel, which I had been taking but took myself off of. A year later I added the K2 to my arsenal of supplements. This year(two years to the month later) my T scores are-1.9, -1.9, and -1.8.

I will continue to seek your input and appreciate your wit and dedication to your profession. Keep up the good work.

L.S., Salado, Texas

We’ve been using Ionic Fizz Magnesium for a few weeks. The other night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I had a sharp pain lower rt abd. At first I thought I was ovulating, but something told me otherwise, I was sure I had a kidney stone. I then remembered a dream I had right before I woke up, I had a dream to drink some Ionic Fizz. Knowing that God has spoken to me many times through my dreams, I managed to make it to the kitchen and drink a glass. As I laid in bed, I felt the stone moving, but I also felt some pain relief. I passed the stone the next time I went to the bathroom.


Dr. Helen

Last July I contacted you for advice after I broke my leg and the surgeon was amazed about how soft my bones were. I have been on Miacalcin, Fosamax and now Boniva for quite a few years and every year I still had a decrease in bone density. I went from Osteopenic to Osteoporotic. I had been taking a lot of calcium also.

You suggested taking Ostaderm and Strontium and Calcium with Vitamin D, all of which I started immediately. I also added Omega fatty acids after I listened to your tape. You also suggested I remain on the Boniva. I take the Strontium in the AM, my other vitamins during the day, and my calcium with D in the evening.

My bone density was due in Jan so that gave me 6 months on this new program.

For the first time in many years I have had an increase in my bone density. The bone mineral density has increased in the lumbar spine by 3.4% and in the femoral neck by 1.6%. These are HUGH results for me. K.K.

My bone density test showed that had Osteopenia. I took the Strontium and just this month had a comparison done to last year's bone density and my density was up 13%. My doctor said whatever I was to keep doing it. I told her about the Strontium and she put in my record. Thought you should know, and I am pleased it is reversing my bone loss.  I also use your Bio-identical hormones. Thank you. M.W. Orlando, Florida

Dear Dr. Pensanti, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday, I had my first bone scan since starting your regimen of Strontium, Osteo Support, Pregnenolone, and Ostaderm .

My Endocrinologist met with me afterward and told me that I don't have Osteoporosis anymore it is just Osteopenia. I told her that my two previous doctors have been telling me that I'm at severe risk of hip fracture for 4-5 yrs because I refused to take Boniva after taking the Fosamax which gave me a severe rash and the Actinel that burned out my esophagus and stomach, followed by 2 yrs on Miacalcin-- which did nothing. My last Doctor said, "okay, if you don't want to take it, I have other patients who can't afford it and so we'll just see what develops..."

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this improvement and I will be telling everyone who will listen.

Thanks so much for everything that you have done for me with your marvelous products and for your courage and belief in what you are doing to help so many others. After getting bad medicine from my last two Doctors, I had no where to go until I saw you on “Doctor to Doctor.” on TBN. You are truly a gift. May God richly bless you for it.
I remain, eternally grateful,

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