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I've begun using your skin care products as well. I've used Clinique my whole adult life, and I've tried others. But these products are the best ever for aging skin. Thanks so much!

Hi Dr. Pensanti,

WOW is all I can say about this The Cure 24/7 and the shampoo/conditioner I thought let me try this...

My hair feels so soft and I color it and it's gray and I am letting it grow a bit for my sons wedding in February... and... it feels soft and natural and not dyed... it has body to it and is actually is silky in texture... thank you or thank White Sands... a product that does what it says... I look forward to shampooing now because it also dries faster and styles easier... sounds to good to be true... again thank you!

Much love in CHRIST
Kathy, in Bristow, VA.

Dr. Helen

Just wanted to tell you about my hair! I started using Hair Health a few months ago. My hair at the time didn't feel as full as usual-seemed to be thinning. Keep in my mind, my hair has ALWAYS been straight, and I usually wear it in a bob or some similar style. After using your product for a month, my hair stylist of 15 years commented that I had a lot of "new growth". When I returned to her a month later, she mentioned that my hair seemed fuller and thought there might some "wave" in there. Was she ever right! I now have waves and curls - NEVER had them before! I wash it, and scrunch it as I dry it, and love it!! Cannot believe how many compliments I have received from people thinking I have a perm. When they ask, I tell them about Hair Health, then I just say "God gave it to me"!
Thanks, Dr. Helen!

Dear Dr Helen:
As he concluded my annual physical last week, my internist declared, “You are 72 and my healthiest patient. What are you doing right?” I told him it’s my regimen: I live among beautiful women, read difficult literature and I'm religious--i.e., about taking (for about three-years now) a nightly cocktail of fish oil and Meditropin.
Cornell CA

Dear Dr. Pensanti, I finally have the report I've been praying about for several months! I've been taking your cholesterol products Item # HCT and Cholesta-less to manage my cholesterol for quite some time. The numbers have fallen. I'm so excited!!!!! I haven't been within the normal range in years...thanks to your very effective products! Just think...a couple of months ago, the Dr. wanted to put me on meds. The word is definitely going out. Everyone I know who has a problem with high cholesterol should contact you!
May God Bless!

Dr. Helen, I just wanted to let you know that I started taking Cholesta. Less about a month ago and I got my report back today that my cholesterol was 199. It has not been that low in the 35 years that I have been checking it.
It always was 240 to 250 even when I was young. I am now 56 and this is the lowest it has ever been!!!!

Dr Helen, I've been with you since, 2000 or more years. I'm so proud you've got this awesome skin care, at an affordable price. God has really blessed me, to be able to use your skin care. Thank you for keeping your prices low. Sorry, for waiting so long to thank you. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. Y.G

Dear Dr. Pensanti, I have been taking two of your cholesterol lowering products since around the first of 2008. At that time, my cholesterol level was measured at 297. It is now 164. My doctor is very surprised at the dramatic drop, without the use any drugs. Thanks for your products. HF

Dr. Helen, a few weeks ago, I had a serious bladder infection and yeast infection…

OVER A MONTH INTO IT I CALLED your office and your assistant WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME...

I begain drinking parsley tea and I ordered a few things she recommended to me …



Dear Dr. Pensanti, I started taking Symbiotropin, a couple of years ago. I started feeling so much better, I decided to give it to my son, who is diabetic. He has now been taking it for well over a year and said, "Mom of all the vitamins you have ever giving me the Symbiotropin has helped me the most. I feel stronger and better, since I have started taking it".
I just wanted to thank-you for this product. It has truly been a blessing for me and my son. Sincerely, M.W.

Hi Dr. Helen,
First, I need to tell you that you have absolutely the BEST skin care products on the market! The price is extremely reasonable and Iíve always had good skin but since using your products, itís never looked better! So thank you! C.P.

I do love them!!! I have been getting from 6-8 hours sleep a night when on the L-tryptophan pills. I can't tell you the last time I slept that long without taking a sleeping pill. I never feel dopey or hung-over the next day either. They are fantastic! Thank you, D.C. - Huntington Beach, CA

My Cholesterol went down 50 points since using what you told me too.
The Cholesta-LESS and the HCT-Lipids is what I was using. It went down from 295 to 245 and my good cholesterol was very good. Triglycerides were down to 150.
Thank you, S.T.

Dear Dr. Pensanti,
I just want to thank you for giving me information on synthetic hormones
etc. via TV and print. A doctor that speaks from the heart is one that helps people.
Thank you, D.M.

I had very high Cholesterol. I have been on Cholestacor for 6 months. I just had my Cholesterol checked and my doctor was very happy, it's down to 25%. Thank you so much! S.O. Seal Beach, California

Dear Dr. Helen:
I have been using the fantastic products for younger looking, clearer more youthful looking skin for about 7 to 8 months. I also have extremely oily skin for a 61 year old. What a difference since I have faithfully been using the glycolic acid # 20, and retinoyl for my face! Last week a lawyer I had 22 years ago saw me in the local deli and said to me 'Ellen you never age one bit, honestly you look exactly like you did 22 years ago' Also,today whe I was at my clinic at our local hospital the man who handles the desk when people register, saw where I had put down my age,61, he came over to me where I was seated and said"please don't take this the wrong way, but age 61? you have got to be kidding, God sure has been good to you" Also my children tell me the same thing! Well dr. helen that says it all! I have attached a picture for you to see, how clear and young I look. Your products are a god send,God bless you and your great work!
love, Ellen

Hi Dr. Helen,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been on your Strontium for over 6 months and my bone density scan showed an improvement from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia since the last test, 2 years before. I am so happy, and my Dr. said "whatever you're doing, keep it up."
M. N. Boise, Idaho

Had partial hip replacement. Wheelchair to walker. Couldn't use crutches so stayed in wheelchair til walker. Then when napping on couch tried to get up answer the phone took two steps and fell again. Dr. told me I fractured my foot in two places. A week later I got a letter for a referral to a dr. Foot was x-rayed. The dr. said, "I don't know what's going on but you have two fractures and I see new bone growing. You should have to have surgery, but I you don't because new bone is growing." He put me in a cast and gave me a follow up date for a month. I went back each month for four months. The dr. said each time, "I see new bone growing, it's growing more." He showed me the x-ray of the top and the side of ankle of the right foot where the bone was growing and it was closing up the fractures. Went back two more times and I saw a different dr that time. She said, "I want you to come back in a month. Take it easy. Don't walk on it." But I was already practicing walking on the foot, per my first dr. This lady dr. came back and said, "Well, I saw your x-rays. You don't have to come back because it's completely healed." I have been on Strontium since last July and has been on it ever since. I am even stronger! I believes my hip is healing too. I can walk well and feel pretty good now.

Dr. Pensanti:
I told you I would let you know and yeh....I have fought my gyn for almost 2 years as I would not take Boniva. I have been taking your Strontium. My insurance. only pays for a bone density every 2 years so I had to wait 2 years. Anyway, this is the 3rd one I have had. After the first when he told me I was in Osteopenia I didn't do anything for a while then about 2 or 3 mo. prior to my next test I ordered the Strontium so maybe I have been taking it for a little longer than 3 years. When I had my second bone density test, I could tell it was a few degrees better in my hips although he didn't really want to admit it. At first he said it was worse and I pointed out that he must be looking at it upside down as from my angle it look like the line had crept back up toward the green in the hip area. He still complained I wasn't taking the Boniva and gave me a new prescription anyway that I told him I would not fill. Well, I had my 3rd bone density test about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it had improved!!!! At first he said, well I don't see a need to put you on "anything". It looks like you have planed out. I pointed out to him that all the boxes looked like they were headed for the green area again-green-good, orange Osteopenia and red-Osteoporosis. He said well maybe some but the main thing is that you have planed out and I just don't think you need a prescription. How about that!!!!! I am 61. I do exercise daily, try to eat as right as possible and I do smoke about 5, maybe 6 cigs per day (I know, I know) But I am so proud to be able to tell you that this product does work as you had promised and it is all about natural. Keep up the good finds.
Love ya, L.M.

A month ago I wrote asking for your advice. I was experiencing irregular periods, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, horrible mood swings, and heart palpitations, and I asked what you thought I should do. Your recommendation was that I use the Bio-Identical Phyto Progesterone with Red Clover and some Pregnenolone 5% sublingual; drops every 12 hours, and Vitamin B-6 100mg 3 times a day. I ordered the Menopause Kit and the Pregnenolone drops and began using the Rodex Forte and the Omega 369 too as soon as they arrived. The results have been fantastic. The hot flashes are only occasional now. I fall to sleep easily and sleep through the night! The mood swings have evened out and I feel better than I have in a long time. I also bought Dr. John Lee’s book on menopause, which I think should be required reading for all women. Although, I think women should read it in their twenties or thirties so they can prevent health problems and heartache down the road. I sure with I had. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to answer my emails, and for the good advice you gave me. Also, thank you for making these products available to women so that we can get relief without endangering our health with synthetic pharmaceuticals. The products you recommended have definitely improved the quality of my life. My family is also grateful because for a while I was pretty hard to live with! I was miserable and so was everyone around me. Hugs, kisses, and a huge, “Thank You!” D. J.

Your products are a life saver! The products I ordered last time for the severe dryness I was experiencing have worked, and I am so thankful. You are wonderful and I’m glad that you are on TBN so I could find you and your products. My dr. was not helpful, but the Lord knew we needed YOU! Thank you, Dr. Helen, for all you do to help others. You are so appreciated. Sincerely - L

I just want to thank God and you for this Olive Leaf Extract! My cholesterol was around 250, with high LDL. After using this product for a few months, I am down to a total of 190 on trig/HDL/LDL. Praise God for you and your wisdom! May God continue to bless your efforts. - A. R.

Dear Helen Pensanti MD: Thank you for your email. I so enjoy your show and have learned many helpful hints from you. I thank God that I have never been able to tolerate synthetic hormones. Every OBGYN has tried to put me on them! I identified that I believed they were harmful and every doctor disagreed with me. While I had terrible PMS and periods, I trusted the Lord to see me through and He did. I have just gone through menopause and I feel like a different person. I have shared with friends about the natural hormone crème. I am purchasing yours tomorrow. Thank you for your passion to help women and for being a forerunner in this difficult mission. I can only imagine what criticism you have received. May God richly bless you and keep you strong and healthy. You are a blessing indeed.
L. H.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for responding to my email message two weeks ago. I thank the Lord for you because he used you as a vessel to bring healing to my body. The doctors here do not show concern. I had been bleeding after taking Depo-Provera shots since January 14 th, and they gave me Provera to induce a cycle to stop the bleeding. It did not work. I wrote you two weeks ago, received the progesterone and Isocort, and started taking it last Monday. Praise God, the bleeding stopped on Saturday. Thank God and thank you! May the blessings of the Lord be upon you now and forever!
E. , GA

I have a testimony. Since I've been using the Pro Meno intravaginally, I feel better and normal. The vaginal dryness is disappearing and I've even noticed an increase in libido. Please keep the new products coming! - AA Miami, FL

Dear Dr. Helen,

I would like to say thank you for your warm, caring spirit! Not only did I receive top notch personalized customer care, your products did a miracle for my allergies!!
I suffered with severe ear canal pain and almost went to the emergency twice last winter. This year the allergy symptoms (severe ear ache) started early! I was facing having tubes put in my ears and one doctor suggested a small surgery to relieve the pressure. I was really afraid. I knew there had to be another way!
The Sinus cleanser, along with the Progonol, has kept me Claritin-D free for over 3 weeks now!! I was completely dependant on Claritin-D just to keep out of pain and now I am completely restored back to normal! I still can’t believe it!! Whenever my ears start to crackle and pop or the ear canal feels full of pressure, I just use a few drops of the Sinus Cleanser. I put it on a q-tip and place it in my ear and clean it thoroughly and I have relief within that hour every time!
I also have a lot of relief with the coldness on my right side thanks to your Olive leaf Extract, and the hair loss has slowed down thanks to your special hair vitamins!
I don’t know what I would have done if you had not answered my call!
I can’t thank you enough! - S. O.

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the holidays are going to be this year. My health is restored to when I was a young girl. I am at peace now and not anxious from the uncertainty of how I will feel month to month. I am confident that I will feel good, and I do!

My mother's thinking and general moods are so much brighter, she loves the cream and seems to be laughing more and sleeping better!

My neighbor was the most serious of all. Her Gynecologist had her on estrogen for peri-menopause, when she complained about feeling worse, he increased her dose. I begged her to get off and try your cream but she didn't take me serious. Finally, she went on a trip with her husband and bled so heavily she could not move. Her moods were unmanageable and her child and husband were suffering from her outbreaks of tears or hysterics. At the end of her rope she decided to try my Dr. Helen's cream. She felt such a dramatic improvement she stopped estrogen cold. Every month she improves. Her only complaint is that she is back to having regular menses. But at her age, 42, that's exactly what she should be having, right!

My sister and her daughter have started for PMS symptoms, and reporting good results. Thank goodness, the doctor had given her young daughter birth control pills to help her with bad periods. Now she is using progesterone cream instead!

Well, this month I bought something for my husband. I'm thinking of starting a club! Ha, Ha!

All the best to you and your family, and God Bless you for helping so many!”
K.O. Montgomery Village, MD

"I have just started using the Progonol cream and I love it!!!!! I have had menstrual migraines for years. The progonol cream has eliminated them completely!!!
Thanks so much."
P.C. Sunbury, OH

"This mouthwash has been a 'God Send'. Thank you so much for spending your time on such a marvelous invention"
P. B.

"The Lord led me to your book, 'Better Sex For You', one evening while I was browsing through a Christian Bookstore. I guess the title caught my eye. The interesting thing is that I was having a hot-flash at the same time that I picked up the book. I opened the book and the first page I turned to was page 68. This is the chapter on 'Women at Midlife'. I said earlier that the Lord had led me."
B. J. Greenville, IL

"I thought you might be interested to know that this PS has worked miracles for sleep. Since starting PS, I have been able to fall asleep every night within 30 minutes. What a blessing!!!!"
P. H.

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