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Helen Pensanti, M.D.
Vaginal Dryness Testimonials

Dr. Pensanti,

I just have to tell you that you truly have changed my life. As a 61 year old woman, married for many years, I went from loving making love with my husband to actually feeling nauseas when he tried to initiate sex. After menopause I had NO desire for sexual intimacy. I would go along with it, wanting to be a good wife but it hurt and there was no moisture at all. I felt as though I was being ripped apart and I hated even thinking about sexual intimacy.

I bought and will continue to stock up on your product, OSTADERM " V" (PHYTO-ESTROGEN & PROGESTERONE) and it has absolutely transformed my life. I LOVE to be intimate with my husband now. I love it. I am frequently the one who starts things off. I love making love again. I feel like I did when I was 25. Thank you so very, very much. I am so grateful to God for you!

Please don't use my name, but I am so happy!!!

Dear Dr. Helen,

I have received the 2 mg. estriol vaginal suppositories, and thank you for this generous replacement. I had originally tried Estrace, a subscription from my doctor, when first diagnosed with vaginal atropy in 2007 at 55 (1 1/2 years postmenopausal at the time). Estrace gave me serious headaches all the time, and I felt it was an unnatural alternative. I also tried the other estriol product with evening primrose, but have stayed with your suppositories after trying them.

These suppositories were a brilliant idea and work much better than anything I have tried with great results and no headaches or noticeable side effects. I also like the Moonmaid Botannicals Vital Vulva--this is a terrific product for any irritation as it has worked very quickly for me.
I have spent time educating my doctor on these matters, and she has come right along with me on many of these new discoveries. Your website has provided a lot of valuable information on nutrition as well as I have also been making significant changes in my diet since perimenopause began in 2003.

I wish you continued success and good health in this coming year!


Dr. Pensanti, Thank you for this wonderful product.(Estriol Vaginal Suppositories) I have NOT had a UTI since I started using them. Thank you so much,
Mary E. Cheyenne, WY

Dear Dr. Helen, Success! Thank you so much! After two years of suffering we have finally been able to achieve actual intercourse. We are celebrating! This was the best Christmas present for us both and we are so thankful.
Blessings,P.B, Indianaopis Indiana

Praise the Lord! I want to thank you for your product SYLK vaginal lubricant. I found this to be far superior to any other lubricant on the market. It feels so natural. Dryness was an issue but not anymore. Thank you for this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is well worth the price. SYLK is an answer to my prayers. Thank you! P.B.

Hi Dr. Helen. I have been using the Ostaderm and Estriol Suppositories as you prescribed for a little over a month now with positive results. I no longer have painful sex.
Thank you. L.W.

Dear Dr. Helen, As I’ve gone through menopause, I have experienced many of the most common problems including hot flashes, night sweats, not sleeping well and mood swings. If that were not enough, I have had thinning of the vaginal wall and extreme dryness. My desire for intimacy with my husband had nearly vanished. I really didn’t enjoy our intimate times because of the intense pain due to the thinning and dryness. My gynecologist said that estradiol might help. He gave me a prescription for the tablets but I never had it filled. I just didn’t want any synthetic hormones in my body. I had gotten the hot flashes and night sweats somewhat under control thru vitamins and herbs but nothing seemed to help the other symptoms.

As I was praying one day I felt impressed in my spirit to contact you regarding my situation. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my letter. I purchased the products you suggested and began using them right away.

Since I have been using your products...approximately 4 to 5 weeks, my libido has increased tremendously...I now actually look forward to intimacy with my husband. Also, the vaginal dryness that made intercourse so painful is now totally gone. So for the first time in four years, I can enjoy the intimate times with my husband. The mood swings are almost non-existent and I rarely have a hot flash or night sweats.

THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU. My husband sends his thanks as well. He said he’d gotten his wife back and admonished me never to run out of my products! What a blessing you are Dr. Helen.
DLH Lewisville NC

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